InterSection: Classifieds

To place a classified ad, write to the address shown right. (Last updated 11-25-14)


Any international, Christian, U.S., etc. POLES—Inside or outside. Free shipping. Call American Flags and Poles at 1-800-262-FLAG.

Be a Mission Nanny

Volunteer women needed to serve overseas with missionary families as domestic/childcare help.

Biblical Counselor and Life Coach

Rev Stephen M. Rose MA,

Women’s Adult Literacy Education

Women’s Adult Literacy Education program is seeking donors to expand their program into new tribal areas in Uganda. The program is teaching women to read, study the Bible, mature in their faith, write, calculate & to be entrepreneurs. For more information, see our page on FaceBook at Development Companions International (DCI). To donate go our Web site at

Free Online Bible Course

FREE online Bible course from Crown College! Understanding the Old Testament begins January 5. Registration is easy. Learn more at

Alliance Life

The Christian and Missionary Alliance
8595 Explorer Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Phone: 719-265-2171
Fax: 719-599-8234